You don’t need special days to love unconditionally

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I always asked myself why we need special days to show our love to others around us. We need Valentine’s Day to show love to our life partners and we need Easter or Christmas to be better and to offer kindness and love. I don’t understand why we need these special days. Can we be like this every day, all year? Today is as special as yesterday or tomorrow.

Love is part of our life, is the basis of our being.
Unconditional love is in the small things we do for others every day.
Are you loving or not? It’s a simple question. There is nothing between.

We do courageous things in our life – skydiving, climbing mountains, running marathons. I think that today, one of the courageous things you can do, is to live your life with open heart and dear to live without limits. Dare to love without limits your family, parents, friends and the people you don’t like. I dare you to love fully every day.

Unconditional love is when you expect nothing back from the others. Most of the time, the suffering is caused by these expectations. We give love and expect something in return. Love is not responsible for suffering and pain, but these expectations about the reactions of the people we offer our love.

Give up the expectations and start loving without limits.
Every moment of your life is an opportunity to love – your colleagues, your parents or the people you don’t like.

It’s time to love NOW!

P.S.: Big thanks to my mentor Kute Blackson for inspiring me!


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corinne ardon

Feb 12, 2014, 05:16

Very well said Alex – we are so used to being conditionned that unconditional love is just a concept for many people. The same goes for expectations. In a world where results, data and figures run almost everything, it is hard to give without expecting something in return. Living without expectations while trusting life at the same time is the «magic» formula for freedom. When we focus on «seeing» results, we actually become blind to what the Universe is giving us. Everything we ever wanted already exists. We simply don’t see it because we don’t look with the right eyes, the eyes of unconditional love.

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