Slowdown in order to be faster

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We live in a fast world. Traffic, jobs, kids, business, friends, money, bills, food…
Society today pushes us to live faster.  Society today pushes us to perform better.  Society pushes us to give more and more of ourselves.
Faster. Better. More. It doesn’t stop. The gears keep grinding. The demands of daily life are incessant.
As I’ve worked with my clients I’ve observed a pattern: they are so stressed that they don’t even have time to be tired.
So stressed they don’t even have time to feel tired!  I’m not kidding…
This is draining them of their passion, and robbing their creativity.
When you “actually” feel tired, you know you need to rest.
Rest and recovery are the keys to well-being in an overstimulating world.
If you’re too busy and too distracted by a stressful lifestyle, if you’re constantly on the go, then you can’t feel this.  You can barely feel anything at all.
After a long day fueled by stimulants – coffee, ritalin, prozac, sugar, pick your poison – we come home, eat garbage for dinner, and turn themselves off by parking our brains in front of a television.
Who has time to feel tired?
There was a case in the newspapers a couple years ago about a girl working so hard in a corporation that she died of fatigue.
This is crazy!  She died of fatigue, sitting in a cushy chair in an air-conditioned office, she died of fatigue!
We function properly when we are in balance.  There needs to be a balance between using and recharging our energy:
We’re always plugged in, but we never recharge! 
Society today has forgotten the importance of recharging. We’ve lost our balance.
As kids we’re that we have to work hard to accumulate more and to have financial stability.
Society and our parents and our culture tells us that if we work hard, one day all our hard work will pay off, and then we can retire.  Then we can rest.
Have you heard this expression:  I’ll sleep when I’m dead  ?!?!
It’s a vicious cycle.  The harder we work, and the more society rewards us for this, the more we feel we don’t have.  They more we feel we “need”.
We are taught that we need to have more in order to really live.
This is BS.
The truth is:  we never live, because we’re always needing more.
You might be thinking: “Sure, I hear you, but I need to eat and I need to pay my bills.”
I agree, but:
This doesn’t mean you need to live in a state of continuous stress and agitation.
Slow down and take a deep breath. You need to stop for a moment and observe yourself.
Just observe yourself.
From this position you will be able to see your life differently and you will have more clarity about what you want to do and how to do it.
As long as you keep speeding you can’t enjoy the view.
I want you to really think about the question I’m about to ask you.  Really answer with sincerity:
When were you more productive, creative and better at what you were doing?
When you were relaxed, calm and present, or when you were stressed, agitated and speeding?
I think you know the answer.  We all know the answer.
I invite you to slow down for a moment and look at your life, relaxed.
Take a step back from the daily grind and observe yourself. You will have more clarity.
Clarity.  Relaxation.  Awareness.  These are your tools.
Take a deep breath and just breathe slowly.
I guarantee you that from this position you will gain more speed than you can imagine, in everything you want to do in your life.
Slowdown in order to be faster.

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