Now is time to stop lying to yourself!

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Where in your life you still lie to yourself? In your relationship, your job, in your relationship with your parents, in the way you see yourself? Where are you still lying?

There are things, somewhere inside you, YOU know very well. If you put aside limitations, fears, the mind, and all the things that can affect you from outside, you will access the real YOU. The real YOU that knows what you have to do now and what is the next step in your journey. There is the real YOU that knows the truth about your relationship, about your job, about the situations you need to solve.

You know that what you are now is not all what you wanted to be. You know you can’t live like this anymore. What do you do? Most of us suppress the things we know about ourselves and become confused. We start asking opinions from people around us, who are more confused than us, and can’t help us. We are so good in creating confusion in our life!

How often you lie to yourself? When we do it, we remove ourselves from who we really are. We create an illusion we start living. We live it so intense, so we begin to believe it’s real.

We continue relationships believing he or she will change, everything will be OK and you still love him or her. You know the truth. The same happens in our job. We make ourselves believe that somehow everything will change and we will start love our job. You know the truth. The problem is that we do the same with ourselves – “Tomorrow I will quit smoking”, “Starting next week I will eat healthy”, “I will start exercising first day next month”. Deep down inside, you know the truth.

Things YOU know can guide you towards your dreams and your destiny are the ones you need to do. Trust the Knowing inside you, even when you feel like quitting. This Knowing will guide you in the direction of your destiny.

Now is the time to stop lying yourself and embrace the real Knowing inside you. This is the only way to free yourself from what is holding you back. There will be moments when you will be tempted to lie to yourself. The good news is that you have the power to choose – to keep lying or to be authentic and live in freedom.

You decide! So decide and own it!
How long will you keep lying to yourself?


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