How to restart your life and have more success than ever

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If you are reading this, probably you are in a point in your life when you know that you are meant to do more and you deserve more. Am I right? It burns inside you isn’t it? You feel it’s time for you to do something and start living the life you always wanted.

You know that you are capable of more, you deserve more and now it’s time for all to become reality. I’ve been there and I fully resonate with you.

5 years ago I felt the same fire inside and I knew that I need to do something. Many people know it, feel it, but few have the courage to really do something about it. As I said, 5 years ago I decided to restart my life. I sold my company that O had for 17 years, I divorced, I move out and I started everything from zero. I decided at that point to do exactly what makes me happy. It took me 2 years to “clean” myself from all conditionings and programming that I had from my family, school, society or media.

It wasn’t easy, but I was committed.
I was going to do whatever necessary to live the life that I was meant to live.
It was no room for negotiation.

Here I am now, doing exactly what I want and what makes me happy.
I am life coach, writer, speaker, trainer and I use every day to inspire others to live their dreams.

Are you ready to really commit to your transformation?

This is the first step. Commit and say “Yes” to your transformation.
Things will start happen for you, people and opportunities will appear in your life, you will see that you are really moving to a new life.

You will probably ask me – And what about everything that is already in my life – my job, my partner, my friends, my business. What should I do with them?

When you will stop compromising and become the person you want and do the things in your life that makes you happy, you will create a space around you that will attract what it resonates with you -  new job opportunity, new partner, new friends, new business, new right situations that will align with you. Whoever and whatever is not on the same bandwidth will eliminate itself from your life.

To really have success in all areas of your life, I believe, you have to start by changing the foundation. To be able to create that space around you where you can grow and do everything at the highest level, you need to be ready.

After working with many clients on my coaching sessions, I discovered that, in order to really have success, you have first to have a good health, fit body and inner equilibrium.

Remember last time when you had no energy, you were ill, overweight or stressed? I am sure that you had not so much success in your life at that time. Probably your focus was to get better, to find ways to lose weight and have more energy, to take pills for headaches or stress relief and so on.

You did not had time to have success.

So, the most powerful thing to do to restart your life and create the space to have success in any areas of your life is to start by changing your relationship with yourself. You need to make yourself the most important person in your life.

Here are some practical advices to start doing now:

Change your nutrition

Learn more about what is healthy and what to avoid, how much and when to eat properly, learn about super-foods and take the steps in becoming aware of what you put in your body. You are the only one responsible. And remember – You are what you eat! Literally!

Move your body

Move your buttock from the couch and start exercising. Yes, I know, is difficult at the beginning, but you committed to restart your life and have success. Be ready to move your body, every day.
As long as you see exercising as something special in your life, it will always be room for negotiation. Exercising must be part of your everyday life and there is no negotiation about it. If you understand that by moving you will have more energy, health, power, confidence, you will know that is nonnegotiable.
Exercising doesn’t mean only gym. You can choose your favorite movement – cycling, running, dancing, swimming, you decide. Just start moving at least 30 minutes every day.

Inner equilibrium

Take 10-20 minutes every day, find a quite space, sit comfortable, close your eyes and meditate. This will help you connect with inner you. Do it constantly, every day and you will see the difference.
Yes there are many techniques of meditation. If you know some use them. If not, just close your eyes and scan your body, starting from your head and going down to your feet. Become aware of the tension in your body and relax. Then observe your breathing – in and out. Just observe. Every time your mind goes to other places, just return to your breathing.
This meditation will help you relax and center yourself.

Why do all of these?

  • To create the foundation to do whatever you want to do in your life.
  • To focus only on your success.
  • To have more energy, power, health, calmness, control, confidence, creativity, to be a better version of yourself.

If you want to learn more about restarting your life and experience living a life ready for having success, I invite you to enter here.

I am known that I like to challenge people to actually do the changes in their lives, not only talk about them.

Also, you can enroll here for the FREE 7 Days Jump Start Program called 360 FitLife Challenge – Prep Week, where you can test and live for 7 days an actual transformation challenge, where every day I will teach you how to change your nutrition, how to exercise and how to find your inner equilibrium. And it’s for FREE!

Just remember – it’s only your choice!
You have the choice to decide to have success!

I believe in you! Let’s do this!

Big hugs!

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