How to have some fun in your life!

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Hi my friends,

Do you remember when you were a child, how you were playing, jumping, laughing, without having any fear or worries, just pure joy and happiness? Remember those feelings.

As we grow we become conditioned by our parents, by society, school, media and we want to be accepted, so we learn to adapt, to fit in by learning how to dress, how to speck, when to play, or not to play, not to express our feelings and many more.

We buried out inner kid some ware deep inside ourselves.

The good news is that your inner child is still there and he needs your love, your unconditional love. Connecting with him is a way to be closer to whom you really are, and have some fun in your life.

Your inner kid knows how to have fun. It’s time to let him out and play.

As you know I challenge people because, for me, transformation is not only talking about it, is doing it.

So, my challenge for you is to let your inner child out and play. Set a play day and just have fun. Also, you know that I am the first to do these challenges and inspire you, so you will see in the video material how much fun I had on my play day with my inner child.

As usually, I am waiting for your comments and your videos from your challenges. If you want more just subscribe and enter the Challenge.

See you soon.
Have a great challenge!

Big hugs,

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