You don’t need special days to love unconditionally

Date Feb 11, 2014 Tags Comments one voice
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I always asked myself why we need special days to show our love to others around us. We need Valentine’s Day to show love to our life partners and we need Easter or Christmas to be better and to offer kindness and love. I don’t understand why we need these special days. Can we be like this every day, all year? Today is as... read more

Get out from the box!

Date Feb 5, 2014 Tags , Comments 2 voices

Please read further and identify familiar patterns: Morning. Alarm clock. Press snooze. Thinking 5 minutes will make a difference. Alarm clock again. You wake up sulky. Walking to the bathroom. Toilet, toothpaste, toothbrush, shower, bla, bla, bla. Coffee. Food. Dress. Put your shoes on. Lock the door. Travel to work. Traffic. Angry. Work. Coworkers. Breake. Work again. Coworkers again. Problems. Projects. Boss. End of... read more

I am free

Date Jan 22, 2014 Tags , , Comments 2 voices

2013 was the most important year in my life. I gained my freedom.  My journey started when I realized I need to change, I need to do something more with my life, I knew I was meant for greater things. I started a new, healthier lifestyle – gym workout, healthy food, good night sleep, no stress, meditation. Around July, everything was great, but I... read more

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